Main Frame On Press Brakes And Shears

The structure of many metal sheet processing machines, including press brakes and shears, is one of the aspects one must consider in order to make it look at its best, and to get a high-quality final product.


The structure of these machines must be solid and steady, otherwise they would not bear the worries of sheet processing.


These machines are made begining with the sheets: they are designed, assembled and then put in a furnace. The direction of the sheet metal is something to carefully consider during this process: the direction of the sheet must be the same in every area of the structure, in order to assure the firmness required to these machines. As a result, all the components are uniform and have all the same direction. All this is, tough, not enough: the structure is put in a Furnace Refractory Anchors, the warmth helps the stability of the parts and lightens the concerns inside the material, making is more stable.


These tactics are the basis that will make possible to have a solid and steady structure, but to have a top-of-range product one cannot stop here. There are some other tactics that will make the structure more durable and functional: machines need to be well anchored to the ground and need to be flattened with great precision. These procedures assure that the device will keep steady and will bear the worries of the processing.


Something interesting to notice is that nowadays the structures of the machines are lighter, and use less materials, without influencing on quality and functioning. All this is made possible by technology, an important feature of modern machines: electronic controls notice every minimum imprecision and activate devices that regulate the uniformity of the collapsable process, informing perfect results.


Which is, there is one particular device that does this job: the crowning system. A couple of hydraulic cylinders compensates the natural warping of the ram by lifting the table in its middle section, ensuring continuity and uniformity of collapsable.


This crowning system is an integral feature of the table: the cornerstone of the table forms a kind of "sandwich", with the cylinders in the middle. The electronic controller manages the pressure provided to the cylinders, and controls this feature with extreme precision.


In order to process sheet metal it's necessary to know how it takes action and the way to handle at best, so that to obtain machinery with the highest standards. We are experts of the field, and this is why our machines are built and built with particular care and attention.


The raw material processed by our machines is what we work for and what we dedicate ourselves to. Knowing the materials that are going to be processed and which were processed to produce our machines, knowing the way to handle sheet metals, and knowing its characteristics is what enables us to give our customers high quality products.