Guidelines to Get Best Taxi Service in Paris

A taxi is one of the most convenient means of Paris airport transportation. Paris taxi service is probably the best, around 17, 000 taxis operate in Paris, day and night. Taking a taxi to or from Paris airports eventually the easiest and least stressful mode of transport.Travel to the city is certainly most convenient because there are almost always taxis waiting to pick up customers. The owner or operator of the taxi holds a driving licence permitting parking on the public highway while waiting for customers, in order to carry out, at their request and in exchange for payment. For those who have a fairly generous budget, lots of heavy luggage, and traveling with babies and toddlers or are elderly or disabled, it would be better to hire a taxi, which is generally a much more relaxed option to reach their home safely. Some safety measures should be taken while hiring a taxi:-

  • Never accept a ride in a taxi that does not have a meter.
  • It must have a clearly visible sign of “taxi" on the roof.
  • Always choose a taxi, which has a driver having professional in appearance.

Transport Paris Orly has good transportation facility in the city. It will take you to or from your hotel in central Paris with very less price per person with a €3 surcharge for trips early in the morning or at night. Transportation is in shared seven-passenger vans. Book online at least 24 hours in advance, and you'll receive a voucher by e-mail or fax. You may always ask the taxi for the average fare from your point of departure before accepting the ride. Remember that if you reserve a taxi in advance, you'll generally have to pay a reservation and pickup fee on top of the fare itself. It is best to call a taxi several hours in advance of your departure time. Although the Metro is often quicker during peak hours, a taxi is much more convenient. offers you the Shuttle Service Paris Airport. You can easily book a car by paying online. Reservations can be made days, weeks or months in advance, but they must generally be made at least 6 hours in advance. When arriving at the airport you must call a special toll free number.