Kid Custody Issues During Separation in Singapore

When pursuing a divorce in Singapore, there are no hard-and-fast rules regarding which parent will have physical custody of the children. In some cases, both parents want full custody and find themselves in a legal battle. Its essential to hire a child custody attorney for representation under these circumstances. The lawyer will present the best possible case to the court in the effort to secure full custody.

Physical custody is different from a legal standpoint than the simple legal term "custody." Physical custody in Singapore is technically known as care and control. However, even when a child does not live with a divorced parent, that parent still has legal rights in regard to being a part of decisions for the childs welfare. This only changes if the parent is considered unfit, becomes absent from the childs life for the most part, or voluntarily gives up those rights.

The court considers several factors when determining physical custody. A Singapore divorce lawyer from IRB Law will explain to the court why the client is the best custodial option. One example of a relevant factor is having spent much more time with the children as they have been growing up. The other parent may have spent many more hours at work, on business trips or even on recreational trips with friends. If that parent must continue to be away a great deal of the time, it makes sense for the other parent to be granted physical custody.

Another factor might involve whether one parent will continue living in the family home and the other moves out. A judge may consider the stability of staying in that place of residence important for the youngsters. They will be able to feel comfortable in the same neighborhood and continue attending the same school.

If it is not possible to acquire full custody, counsel that provides representation for family law in singapore works to establish the next-best scenario for the client. Shared custody may be an option in some cases, with both parents having physical custody of the youngsters a relatively similar amount of the time. Otherwise, the noncustodial parent should be able to have frequent access to the children through a visitation schedule documented with the court. Hiring a divorce lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law LLP is important to have the best chance at securing care and control of the minor children, or to ensure the most advantageous visitation schedule.