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Car Insurance for Your Teen Driver Yes, Parents, getting affordable motor insurance for teenagers is achievable, but the initial thing you should do is to buy the right vehicle with the teenage driver. You want to avoid powerful sort of vehicles. This could set you back $700 a year or higher on just liability insurance coverage for any teen driver. This can be a lot more in case you have a male teenage driver. Make sure before you purchase a car or truck you speak to your insurance provider or get quotes online to make certain your vehicle is not high end. These are vehicles like a Mustang or even a Camaro and in many cases some Hondas and Toyotas and, the least expected, are a handful of Cadillacs. The numbers for teen drivers aged 16-19 is a bit more cheap car insurance for new drivers alarming. In that age group these drivers represent the greatest associated with a risk group. For every mile driven, these are 4x as likely to end up involved with a crash than older drivers. Our nation of drivers requires a good defensive driving instructor, now more than ever. Sharing your vehicle using your teen is a good method to start saving funds on motor insurance. Most insurance firms will be able to add teen drivers as occasional or secondary drivers. While adding a teenager with an insurance coverage as a secondary driver will heighten the policy premiums, its going to still cost a smaller amount money compared to a separate policy. You cannot expect overcrowded schools and underpaid teachers to teach your student within the difficult and dangerous task of operating a car. Kids have no clue the impact of the car wreck. Its not until someone dies how the reality of an accident makes an impression. Supplement their education with your own personal. Hire a tutor, just like you do with math and English. Send these phones defensive driving school and a race school to allow them to get out of your spin when some time comes. And remember that, some time will come. Radar detection systems: Sure, young people love to drive fast, but one from the last things they want to do is return home and tell their parents they got their first speeding ticket. And you certainly should not listen to it either. We, as experienced drivers, know that posted speed zones are implicated to get a reason. Hands free accessories for cellphone use: Having a automatically device for making use of a cellular phone while driving is a huge advantage. They provide the ability of keeping your hands about the wheel while talking. GPS (global positioning systems): They are an awesome car accessory to the adventurous teen. Portable GPS systems are most often better while using younger set, enabling the crooks to find their way time for the automobile along with out from the woods.