Looking For Basketball Tips? Check These Out!

Basketball is a generally beloved and fun sport. However, it is a physically demanding sport. You do not need to be a great player, the point of the game is to have fun. Continue reading to learn how to play the game to the best of your ability.

Dribbling the ball the right way needs to be done. Don't use your palm to dribble, but use your fingertips instead. This provides you with much more ball control. Dribble to your body's side instead of doing it out front, and bounce the ball at your waist's level. Never look at the ground. Always look up.

Make layups a part of your daily practice regimen. Eighty percent of the shots taken in a game are layups. When you practice, run toward the net, and then get a high jump in so you can smoothly shoot. Knowing how to run and jump quickly and smoothly will assist you in knowing how to leap and shoot more effectively while playing.

Want to trick the other team? The back pass is just the thing! Use the dominant hand to hold onto the basketball when trying this pass. Then, put the ball around your back. Pass the ball from behind your back by flicking your wrist in the direction you want the ball to go. It's a great way to trick your opposing team.

A good way to practice sound passing is to drill without dribbling. This helps to develop passing skills with your teammates, making it much more difficult if you're standing in one spot and not dribbling. Don't get discouraged if it is hard initially' because the gains you will make are sure to be worthwhile.

Play by yourself to practice. Basketball is sport played in teams, but there are times when no one is around to play with you. That should not matter. You'll still be able to get a lot done when playing solo. Practice pivoting or you can practice doing free throws. You can always do something.

lamar odom recovery after las vegas collapse Using a weaker hand helps improve overall dribbling skills. Opponents are a lot easier to blow by when you can dribble with ease using both hands. Hold the dominant hand behind the back and make certain you use just the weak hand. Soon, you will be able dribble with your weaker hand as well as you can with your dominant hand.

If you become injured when playing basketball, stop immediately. It is possible to receive an injury when playing basketball because it is a sport that is physically challenging. Playing through an injury can prolong it which is always bad. If the injury feels too bad then seek medical attention right away.

It is important to be aware of the location of your feet and just what they are up to. Stepping ever so slightly out of bounds while you have the ball can cause an overturn. Taking excessive steps while not dribbling results in a call of walking as well as a turnover. If you move either foot while trying to pick, take a charge or set a screen, it will result in a called foul.

When you are defending, keep your stance low. That helps you stay quick when it comes to the jump and will help you react more quickly to the person just ahead of you. Maintain your proper defensive stance no matter what. When you block a shot, go back to a defensive form quickly.

Basketball is truly unrivaled when it comes to excitement for fans. If you're not completely familiar with how the game is played, you won't be able to enjoy the sport fully. This article is going to help you better understand the game of basketball.