Filter Media Pleating And Other Applicable Manufacturing Services Now Streamlined

When you fly to an exotic location, see a military chopper glide overhead or witness the speed of a high-performance plane, consider all the parts that make them work. Most people don't realize that there is a hidden industry of manufacturers in the background, ensuring the safety of these essential vehicles and aircraft.

For example, the same way your automobile contains an oil filter, air filter and fuel filter, high performance aircraft, aquatic vehicles and military helicopters have their own filtration systems that need to be serviced. Part of that process is replacing a multitude of specialty filtration systems. And contrary to the various filter systems in our personal automobiles, the filters in army aircraft and supercharged flying machines cannot be purchased at the auto store down the street.

Filtration systems produced for military planes are all different. Although one type of aircraft may require a wire mesh filter, another may need a coalescing filter or a filter element. Just about every aircraft filter is specifically created for the plane itself and does not work in other applications.

Stainless steel filters are often used in applications where disposable filtration systems simply don't cut it. The stainless steel filter mesh of a stainless steel filter is composed of many layers that can handle very high temperatures, high pressure and fluids that would damage paper filters. Common uses are helicopters and military aircraft.

Now who makes the filters that ensure our country's army vehicles or even space craft work at peak performance? AS9100 certified companies manufacture aerospace filters and other parts for the aerospace industry, including parts utilized on military helicopters and the Space Shuttle. The US government and most industrialized countries will not work with firms that are not as9100 certified, because these companies have not demonstrated the standard of development required to ensure safety. Manufacturers that practice the established protocols are also called a NADCAP approved supplier since they have undergone strenuous processes and shown an understanding of the specialized procedures for these high-performance vehicles.

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