D-Box Shaking Everything Up

For the average viewer, movies have become more and more available since the year 2000. Companies such as Netflix and Amazon have redefined the ways we watch films. The standard opinion is that this change was a bad thing, but it was bound to happen. Consumers had been providing the demand for online films, and then the technology to deliver it caught up. Social life became increasingly more virtual and now our entertainment has gone the same way.

There is no way to classify this as entirely positive or entirely negative, but there have certainly been negative aspects of this shift. Local movie theaters have become less important to the average movie-goer. Those who don't care about the art of a film, can watch on their iphone. And even amongst those who want to maintain the quality and overall experience of going to a movie theater, there are excellent options for home theater set-ups. Ten years ago, digital projectors were rare, but now you'll find that a lot of people under 30 have them as a rule.

At cinema's beginning, there was only one place to see a movie: the movie house. As cinema grew in popularity, competition led to advancements such as multiplexes and drive-in theaters. With the start of the 1970s, came the start of video. Movies didn't just belong to the studios anymore and theaters weren't the only place they lived. As a response, theaters aimed to make going to the movies a one-of-a-kind experience again. This led to giant speaker systems and exceptionally comfortable theater seats.

The latest shift toward watching movies at home is facing a similar pushback from movie owners. There have been numerous technological advances that are making movie theaters one of a kind again. Sound systems and seats have taken another leap toward grandiosity. Dolby Atmos has made movie sound frighteningly realistic (in a good way). And a company known as D-box has created a system called D box movie seats has developed a state-of-the-art seat system that syncs up with specific motion-enhanced films.

Since streaming movies and Redbox, many have announced the "end of cinema". But our quick look at the history of cinemas, should show that things have always been like this. Catching a movie outside of your own house has fallen out of favor several times in the past. But theater owners have constantly risen to the challenge and kept theaters magical places. There are probably a few cool local movie theaters in your town, such as O'neil Cinemas Movies Hampton Beach