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Each tag comes with a hole and is designed to be hung from a collar. Tiny pint-size tags are especially designed for kittens, puppies and other small pets. In the case of a lost dog, this means that it easily can be sent back to respective owners. When a pet is lost, a pet ID tag is often the only way to find its owner. Tags can be produced in matching colons and desired sizes. All tags should have an eyelet to put it in collar of the pet. Dog pet tags display address and telephone number of the owner. In some parts of the world, permanent pet tags are issued at-cost or even free. Pet tags can be designed using different materials, such as aluminium, brass, metal, plastic, and stainless steel, and in a wide range of colons, shapes and sizes small, large and extra large. Hardware to wear the tag is equally important and should be of good quality.

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Creating and designing a pet tag is an art and big business. Artwork and logos may also be included. Even lacquer-coated brass tags do not last long. The size of pet should be considered while selecting tags. When a pet is lost, a pet ID tag is often the only way to find its owner. Pet tags include the name of the pet and owner, and the owners address, phone number, and other relevant information. Stainless steel tags do not rust. Pet tags for dogs are the most popular form of pet tags. Readily available and easily affordable, pet tags are vital for ensuring that if your teething necklace pet gets lost, it will have a good chance of being found and returned to you.