Constellation's curtains for personality(3)

What’s more, Virgo is a real one for work. They stay calm and attentive, but a little too tangled, and also a bit over the top, so silky smooth texture and style suede curtains from China curtain manufacturer is their good heart. Now we can have a view at the rest of constellations.


Capricorn is characterized by diligent and pragmatic, with a workaholics most appropriate to describe them, too gorgeous splendid curtain must not attract them, calm, Introduction of modern minimalist style to make them addicted. Gemini is chaos in the orderly, responsive person, fickle, he can not stand rigid and monotonous stuff, so such a large area of ​​decorative curtains from embroidery curtain wholesale in China can not be static, irregularly shaped style curtains can meet their needs. Libra is elegant, cool, no exaggeration, not impatient Libra characteristics, things calm efficiency, good taste and elegant style like scales, solid series of European-style curtains is their favorite.


Aquarius clever, weird, no matter what they are holding water bottles novel principle, so they picked the curtains must be creative, can not swim, there are three-dimensional effect of curtains of high quality jacquard curtain can satisfy their curiosity.