An Introduction of Ethylene glycol phenyl ether acrylate (PHEA)

In recent years, the Ethylene glycol phenyl ether acrylate (PHEA) ester formed a wide range of applications. Due to molecular chain has good of flexible and is good of polar, and acrylic series resin has is good of compatible sex, Ethylene glycol phenyl ether acrylate (PHEA) and acrylic ester, and vinyl base class compounds copolymer to preparation of acrylic resin finishing agent due to has long and soft of polar side base of exists, makes the finishing agent both has good of flexible sex, and has better of resistance solvent sex; In addition, the polar side groups heat Crosslinking reaction occurs when, further improve the hydrophobic coating and solvent resistance.
Main applications in the following areas:
1:Ethylene glycol phenyl ether acrylate (PHEA) was used as a ball-point pen as a solvent in oil and improved additives can improve writing fluency and ink storage stability, improve clarity, to prevent oil leakage.
2:Ethylene glycol phenyl ether acrylate (PHEA) was used for the ink-jet ink, ink-jet ink has a lower surface tension, good storage stability, prevent clogging, along with superior paper penetration and extensiveness of the use of paper.
3:Ethylene glycol phenyl ether acrylate (PHEA) is used as a silk screen printing and prevent network agent has better washing ability than the trichloroethane.Also often applied as flat Print plate, colour liquid, solder paste screen printing, print conductor paste, cover cream.

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