Qualifying For Cheap Classic Car Insurance

The Cost of Classic Car Insurance - And How to Reduce It A classic car usually refers to an adult or vintage car, though the exact definition isnt set in stone. The Classic Car Club of America argues a vehicle has to be between 20 and 45 years old to become a real classic car, and then for any vehicle over 45 years old is recognized as an antique. In the UK these definitions are certainly not so strict, even though the chronilogical age of your vehicle has a direct effect on tax. But why is classic automobile insurance expensive? Well, to qualify as an antique car, it must be over 25 years old. It has to be rare. It has to be beautiful to think about. And it has to own some interesting benefit with it for some reason. These rare, beautiful and interesting cars can be more expensive to insure as they are usually more susceptible to break-down and/or theft in addition to their parts (which are difficult to get) are often expensive. So how can you save the collector motor insurance? Some classic motor insurance policies may have free additions to cause them to become appear more inviting. These are often found during promotions but sometimes be negotiated by incorporating policies. These little extras, for instance free glass cover or free breakdown insurance, can create a difference to your policy and your costs. It is worth asking if you can find any offers you could take benefit from. Always look at terms and conditions when using these purports to be sure you understand specifically what you are getting your money can buy. Luckily an array of specialist insurers did realise these factors make classic motor insurance a viable risk. Accepting that the nature of classic car ownership will mean only occasional use, excellent maintenance classic car insurance age 18 aa classic car insurance ireland standards plus a pro-active attitude to security, a fresh range of specialist car insurer entered the marketplace. The traditional mainstream insurance providers have a tendency to notice when part of their marketplace is eroded, the result being that today many have specialist departments that appeal to this niche area. Do not start together with your heart ruling your mind and buying the initial style of the type of car you want that you just see advertised on the local forecourt or trader magazine. Look for a car which is in keeping with your taste and type if you are doing the research and pick wisely there is absolutely no reason why a well cared for classic car cannot present you with as much many years of trouble free motoring as a modern motor.