6 Tips to Tame Your Kids’ Wardrobe

6 Tips to Tame Your Kids’ Wardrobe

Has your little one messed up his or her wardrobe again? This is a task that just won’t stay fixed. Wardrobes are hard to keep organised – even for adults. The following tips will be helpful in getting the wardrobe in order. 


1. Keep clothes to a minimum – Empty the entire wardrobe – yes, all of it! Go through everything, one by one, and don’t move to the next until you have decided whether you are keeping it, storing it, donating it or throwing it away. Place everything you are keeping in a pile. Take three boxes – one for storage, one for donation, one for garbage.

2. Keep like with like - Once you have sorted the things to keep, the next task is to arrange the clothes in the following order: 


a. dresses and skirts, 
b. school uniforms, sport uniforms, etc., 
c. jackets, hoodies, jumpers, coats, 
d. shorts, pants, leggings, jeans
e. craft/painting clothes, pyjamas


3. Split and conquer - Looks like the “divide and conquer” policy is helpful in wardrobe management. Keep seasonal clothes separate. Snow gear, winter boots and heavy winter jackets - keep these in a box during summer. Swimmers, sandals, summer dresses and shorts – keep these away during winter. By separating the seasonal clothes and storing them out of sight, will leave with just what you and your kids need access to right now. 


4. Find a place for everything – Label or use images to label each of the drawers/baskets with the type of clothing that goes there. Show their kids and encourage your kids to practice the habit of putting the clothes away in the right place. This will lessen half your burden. 


5. Make sure that you have enough storage - All this will be vain if you do not have enough storage in your wardrobe. If each type of clothes have a “designated” drawer, packing away will be much easier. If you are considering buying a new wardrobe, make sure that the wardrobe is spacious. Whatever you buy, whether it is kids study table or wardrobe, consider buying from a reliable kids’ bedroom furniture store. 


6. Use a trick – Reward your little one for a tidy wardrobe.  Tell them if they can keep their wardrobe tidy for a week, then they will get a treat. This will not only help them learn a life skill but also make your life easier over time. 


So, try these six tips and see the difference.