Getting better sleep with the help of essential oils

Getting better sleep with the help of essential oils

You are having sleeping troubles? You cannot get a sound and deep sleep? You even awake all night long? Sleeping disorder or insomnia is a serious problem which can affect to your health and the normal daily activities. And instead of taking sleeping pills such as sedative, you can try a more effective and safer way: using essential oils.


Essential oils are amazing natural remedies for various well-being problems, including solving sleep disorders. The properties inside essential oils can impact on the nerves system and brain operation, helping control the states of the brain such as sleep, concentration, relaxation, etc. Combining with suitable therapeutic methods, each essential oil can bring its best benefits for your health in general and for your sleep in particular. Here are the best essential oils recipes for night sleep matching with the best methods of using them.


1.      For Essential Oil Diffuser


Diffuser is the most overall and effective method of using essential oils. The essences of essential oils can be taken into your body by inhaling to your lung and absorbing through skin. Besides, using diffuser in your bedroom can bring the best result for the all-night-long sleep. The diffuser will disperse essential oils in the whole room and you can inhale them during your sleep.

Actually, diffusion is a method of inhalation. There are other different methods that you can apply in case you don’t have diffuser. The simplest way is dropping essential oil on your pillow or a tissue and inhaling it before you sleep. Another way is diluting essential oil with water and spraying it in your bedroom before sleeping like perfume.


These are the best essential oils recipes for inhalation:


·         3 drops of bergamot + 8 drops of chamomile roman + 3 drops of clary sage

·         3 sp of jojoba oil (carrier oil) + 3 drops of lavender

·         2 drops of ylang ylang + 3 drops of lavender

·         5 drops of lavender + 2 drops of vetiver

·         2 drops of geranium + 2 drops of nutmeg + 2 drops of ravensara

·         2 drops of marjoram + 1 drop of vetiver


2.      For bathing


Bathing with warm water before sleep can help to boost blood circulation and adding some essential oils in to the bathtub can calm your nerves and relax you body and your mind for a good sleep. Just remember do not use too hot water because it can change the chemical components of essential oils, and also do not add too much essential oils in the bath (about 5-10 drops for each essential oil is ideal amount). 


Here are some recommended recipes:


·         2 tsp of milk/cream + 6 drops of lavender + 3 drops of clary sage

·         5 drops of orange + 5 drops of tangerine + 4 drops of ylang ylang + 2 drops of patchouli + 1 drop of blue tansy + salt

·         5 drops of chamomile + 9 drops of orange + 6 drops of benzoin + some moisturizer

·         3 tsp of grape seed carrier oil + 3 drops of lavender + 2 drops of vetiver + 3 drops of sweet orange oil

1 drop of neroli + 3 drops of lavender + 1 drop of orange + 2 tsp of pink Himalayan salt


3.      For massage


Massage is the best way to help us relaxed and calmed. And taking a massage with essential oils about 1 hour before going to sleep will help your body and your mind rest and unwind. Also, massage can increase your blood circulation which is helpful for healthy sleep. However, that’s reason why you have to massage 1 or 2 hours before bedtime to avoid the opposite result. 


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