Different Focus Areas of Social Work In Rural Communities Of Odisha

Different Focus Areas of Social Work In Rural Communities Of Odisha

It takes a lot of efforts to establish a society and much more to include everyone in this society. The rural communities of Odisha are still now deprived of basic facilities in various areas. The Bansidhar and Ila Panda Foundation (BIPF) have been working tremendously hard under various CSR initiatives to help the underprivileged in a better way. Their contribution towards social work in rural communities of Odisha is laudable in various aspects. Their focus areas include:-

Education – They have been setting up schools, supporting existing schools in the rural areas with infrastructure upgradation and taken other initiatives to improve the educational scenario.

Women & Children – Poor nutrition and lack of health care facilities have been hampering the maternal and child health. For that reason, the Project UNNATI launched BIPF is an all-encompassing program for women is concentrated upon women health improvement and empowerment.

Skill Development – This is a huge contributing factor for the social development in Odisha where employment takes the centerstage. BIPF has taken concrete steps with various skill development programs to enable the rural people helping them improve their standard of life.

Water & Sanitation – Improved sanitation and drinking water supplies is again a focus area of BIPF for which their social work in rural communities of Odisha has been contributing over a long time. Proper hygiene and water treatments help improve the living conditions in rural areas and decrease the illnesses in a great manner.

BIPF has launched several important initiatives for development of rural people with a motive to bring them into the mainstream.