Valentino all in the name of

Exploiting kids or fun talent competition I sometimes find it very disturbing with all the things those little girls have to go through to be in those pageants, and the pushy parents they have for them to win. I also think it's foolish all the money some of these parents dish out for this. I've seen someones home in foreclosure, but she was buying her daughter a $5000 pageant dress. Seriously? There has to be some sort of obession with that pageant lifestyle. I'm sorry but I find it outrageous to see a 5 year old in a sexy swimsuit, with makeup, false teeth, spray tan flaunting in front of people Valentino all in the name of winning a pageant.

well im not for "glitz" pageants. but i think the "natural" ones are nice no makeup and nonglitz dresses. ive watched quite a bit of toddlers and tiaras. i dont understand why you would want to spend 2g on a little dress, or spray tan and then put makeup on a 4 year old. they say its good for their selfesteem but im not seeing that connection. i personally dont want my daughter thinking Valentino Shoes she'll look more attractive/ presentable if shes wearing full makeup. id think that mentality would do the opposite, lower the self esteem. i was raised playing softball and soccer and riding dirtbikes and fishing. im was a girly tomboy definitely. i loved pink AND dirt =) and id like my kid to "be a kid", that stuff isnt letting the child be a kid. most the time on that show it seems more about the mom than the kid.

I think that Valentino Shoes Online many of the parents while they say that they are boosting their child's confidence, they are IMO setting them up for failure since the "before" and "after" photos of the child look nothing alike. So, the only thing these pageants are teaching the girls is that unless you look like the "after" photo (flippers, hair/makeup, tan, waxed eyebrows, colored hair, etc.), you are not "adequate" and/or pretty enough.