Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine employees in the eyes from the LED display

Some time ago had to push via the Exit Inspection and Quarantine staff to speak about LED lighting test write-up. The following appear in the eyes with the CIQ staff have any needs LED show.

China's LED electronic show technology has gradually matured, but resulting from quite a few aspects, the display top quality on the newly installed there are actually nonetheless a lot of complications. Some screen out the lights, mosaic significant; some screen image blur, rough; some show needs endless repairs and upkeep.

Certainly one of the key causes of those adverse phenomena will be the LED show high-quality just isn't in place at present, China's LED show good quality and further improvements required. Exit Inspection and Quarantine combined with my experience of functioning in a paper on China's LED display market high quality standards introduced, according to the things affecting the quality of full-color LED display will be a single brief evaluation, hoping to market the enhance the top quality of our LED display. (vms)

LED show sector top quality standards

"General Standard" is China shows the principle technical base specification techniques. It is actually perfectly suited for indoor and outside LED text, graphics, video along with other graphics. Its content material consists of eight sections: scope, normative references, terms and definitions, classification, needs, test strategies, inspection guidelines, packaging, transportation and storage.

The "Requirements" section 10 presents big requirements consist of: LED display hardware atmosphere, LED display application environment, structure and look, safety requirements, LED display, LED display electrical traits, LED displays energy provide, environmental adaptability and reputable sex.

LED display high quality specifications

(A) brightness specifications


Brightness is an essential indicator from the high-quality in the show, the display brightness is primarily composed of array density LED luminous intensity and monitor choices. Some LED show installed at a higher exterior wall surface, the mounting angle of LED screens also ascertain the human eye to luminous intensity on the screen will have an impact. SJ / T11141-2003.LLD LED display general specification will define the screen display brightness intensity of light per unit area on.


Colour LED display monochrome, color and full-color 3 types, using the environment can be divided into each indoor and outside, and diverse colors of LED (led traffic signs)display and environmental requirements are also distinct parameters. Indoor full-color LED show asks brightness 800cd / m2, although the outside full-color LED show brightness you may need 1500cd / m2, so the brightness on the screen image to show the basic guarantee policy. In current years, the technologies of LED show has been further created, either use or dissemination of material processes are far more mature, thus, for companies of LED show light-emitting efficiency needs are also drastically enhanced.


(B) the chromaticity requirements


LED display with color reproduction qualities. Some producers do not understand the positive aspects of LED display wide colour gamut, the blind pursuit of high-brightness screen, as a result resulting in the production of LED display colour distortion, display dazzling, in some cases the facts playback will make the audience uncomfortable.


Therefore, when LED show production will need to assess its colour indicators, in the event the color index to meet the corresponding needs, then the colour matching is acceptable and will not cause discomfort. The center position of full-color LED display correlated colour temperature, chromaticity coordinates of temperature measurement desires much less than 6500K, so to avoid full-color LED display color is also cold, and measuring the correlated colour temperature not higher than a predetermined variety.


(C) energy efficiency specifications


Unique LED display show wish to realize the identical effect, the power consumption of the screen might be distinctive. In promoting power conservation and environmental protection nowadays, LED display power efficiency specifications are also significant