Huawei is constantly on the back away from Ms windows Cellphone, says 'nobody created any money' with the OS


Huawei is a popular smartphone brand. People are more and more concerned about its configuration.


Huawei hasn’t been a huge player in the Microsof company windows Cellphone game up to now, but it did release the Huawei W1 in the U.S., giving budget-conscious customers another WP option. Unfortunately for Microsof company and the Microsof company windows Cellphone system, it looks like Huawei won’t be participation to the WP system any further.


Joe Kelly felix, Huawei’s innovator of worldwide press matters, has exposed that Microsof company windows Cellphone hasn’t performed a big role in Huawei’s effort to obtain mobile business. “We didn’t create any cash in Microsof company windows Cellphone,” Kelly felix told the Dallas Times. “Nobody made any cash in Microsof company windows Cellphone.”


Huawei has released two Microsof company windows Cellphone devices up to now — these W1 and the W2 that released in Chinese suppliers, Russian federation and other nations in 2013 — but Huawei has said that it doesn’t plan to create any more WP products. Considering that Microsof company has been having difficulties to help Microsof company windows Cellphone obtain business and that there aren’t many companies making WP components, Huawei’s claims can’t create the Redmond firm feel much better.


Over all, we hope Huawei can go further on technology.