Out With The Old, In With The New:Overland Park Furnace Repairs

Unless you're in the HVAC business, you probably don't keep up on new furnace developments. The older the home, the more problems you're likely to have with your furnace. Those issues usually take a toll on your bill. The majority of households use their furnace until it completely breaks down. The truth of the matter is that you may actually be saving yourself more if you buy a high efficiency furnace. One of the best parts of getting a new furnace is the fact that you don't have to worry about it for decades into the future.

How can you tell that it's time to buy a new furnace? Routine maintenance is normal for furnaces. But when you find yourself calling up HVAC companies to come out and do furnace repairs in Overland Park year after year, that should tell you something. At some point it really is better to invest in a high quality appliance that cuts down on your bills. The older the furnace, the less efficient it is. As technologies have changed and standards for efficiency and environmental impact have become higher, furnaces have become far more effective. Not only does this result in lower emissions for the environment, but this allows you to keep more money in the bank than you would otherwise.

There is a standardized rating system to help determine how effectively a furnace is running, which is categorized as an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, or AFUE for short. Essentially, this rating is based on how much fuel a furnace eats up while it's on, and compares it to the amount of fuel that is wasted in exhaust. Older furnaces from the 1970s usually get rated at right around 65%. That translates to 45% of the fuel you pay for getting wasted as exhaust. Your furnace then has to use up more fuel to keep the same temperature as that of a higher efficiency furnace.

There have been stricter demands put on furnace manufacturers. With environmental concerns in question, the government put rules in place that called for far higher efficiency ratings, producing new models with a minimum rating of 78%. Luckily, you can do way better than that if you want to. You can find modern options that have a rating of 98.2%. Only 1.8% of the fuel used by your furnace is wasted.

Those types of ratings are helpful to the environment. But they also help homeowners save money. People who go from an old furnace to a newer high-efficiency model, with over 90% AFUE rating see between a twenty five and thirty percent drop in their bills each month. Putting off buying a new furnace when you need the help of an Overland Park HVAC company every winter doesn't make sense. It's time to get a new one. You'll enjoy a warmer home, cheaper bills, and be able to live without the stress of having it constantly repaired for years to come.

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