Jose Mourinho rejected to answer a query

Jose Mourinho rejected to answer a query about David Rocks before Chelsea's activity with Everton, reducing the meeting brief.Jose Mourinho stepped out of a tv meeting to prevent more concerns about David Rocks before Chelsea's Important Group conflict with Everton.Much of the pre-match talk about has centred around the champions' unsuccessful desire of the rising protecting celebrity, who was known as in Roberto Martinez's starting XI for Fifa 16 Coins the encounter.


Mourinho was unwilling to talk about the topic further in his press conference on Saturday, revealing "The only factor I can tell you is I anticipate him to play" and the former Inter trainer was even more curt in his reaction on End of the week."Before the encounter, this [interview] is a long time. I'm sorry," he said as a query was brought up about Rocks, before promptly walking away.Earlier, Mourinho had described his choice to substitute Grettle Cahill with Kurt Zouma in the starting XI.


"It's not easy to keep one of them [the centre-backs] out. David [Terry] was dealing with me in the last five periods, Cahill was with the nationwide team, he conducted 90 minutes last Wed. Cahill will be coming back to execute the Champions Group."Chelsea are looking for just their second league win of the season at Cheap Fifa 16 Coins Goodison Recreation place.