Attentions for box shape

We all like beautiful products as loving beauty is our nature. We would buy a good-looking t shirt in summer. Of course, we would buy a wonderful box from packing box supplier China to package our products. Now there are some attentions for box shape.


Research on the box shape including proportional design, line design, overall design ratio should be coordinated, there is a certain beauty; linear design should consider the main there are times, consistent style, people can quickly determine the details of the property, and know how to operate. I think the market of Shenzhen wooden watch boxes wholesale has a good example for box’s shape design. The most important thing is to be consistent with the shape of the box structure, to clearly show the relationship between structure and assembly. Again perfect shape, from the structure can only be a basket case, it is meaningless.


I think China jewelry showcase manufacturer should pay more attention to the packaging box as this kind of box requiring more techniques.