Scientists Scrambling To Finally Find A Cure For Hepatitis C

The liver is an integral component in getting rid of harmful toxins from your body and allowing you to utilize the nutrition in the food you consume. When the liver is compromised, serious repercussions may happen. One of the most common causes of major degeneration of the liver is disease of the liver.

What is disease of the liver you might ask? disease of the liver caused by infection by a virus.

HEP C Transmission

- Sharing needles while injecting drugs
- Using unsanitary equipment when applying tattoos or body piercing
- Infection from infectious blood or equipment. This is common for doctors or nurses
- Blood transfusions received prior to
- Sex with many companions while not using condoms
- Past STD infections
- Individuals that have HIV or AIDS

It should be noted that the spread of disease of the liver is not easy. Simple contact, kissing, sneezing or coughing, eating with someone's fork or breastfeeding cannot spread the infection.

Signs of Liver Disease

Most individuals who are infected with disease of the liver do not have any symptoms. Indeed the virus can be revealed 10-20 years after you have first contracted the virus. However, many that do develop symptoms from disease of the liver often feel as if they have the flu. These signs may be:

Extreme tiredness
Sore muscles
Painful joints
Nausea or little appetite
Stomach pain
Itching skin
Urine that is dark in color
Discoloration of skin or eyes aka as yellow jaundice

Hepatitis C Diagnosis

When you've been diagnosed with disease of the liver, it is beneficial to stay calm. A multitude of medications are applicable to fight HCV and even to get rid of it completely. Make certain to talk about medications with your physician including two newer disease of the liver drugs that have emerged most recently.

Hepatitis C Side-Complications

In some instances, disease of the liver may turn into a prolonged condition that goes away by itself and then recurs at regular times. disease of the liver can result in other complications such as liver cirrhosis. American Liver Foundation, Read More Info, My Company