Golf Courses In Phuket Offer A Chance To Relax

Golf Courses In Phuket Offer A Chance To Relax

Golf is one of the preferred sports among business people for several good reasons. It's a unique opportunity to exercise and enjoy the outdoors while being surrounded by blissful landscapes and manicured green lawns. It allows you to take distance from the challenges in your business or career and to create stronger bonds with your friends, partners and family. Few sports can boast so many advantages! Phuket is fortunately a blessed place for both seasoned golfers and for all those who want to start. Phuket with its top quality golf courses has for a number of years welcomed a large number of local and overseas golfers.


Phuket offers a vast array of attractions for the traveller, be it a cultural experience, a culinary extravaganza, visits to the adjacent islands to get your Bond fix or a broad range of night owl options - some we can talk about some we shouldn’t.  On top of all this, Phuket offers the golfer a number of beautifully designed and always well maintained courses that will provide an enjoyable experience to the everyday golfer. The Golf Courses In Phuket allure accompanying family members that do not want to laze by the pool or on the beach. Instead, these facilities attract more tourists to the island. The standards of the sport are high and there are great challenges to stretch scratch players.


Phuket is a great place for recreational activities and golf is especially popular. Plenty of notable golf courses are scattered around the island and often easy to reach. Many courses in Phuket are part of special vacation packages, which combine both accommodation and professional tuition. Phuket, with 8 golf courses is one of the most privileged worldwide destinations for Golfers. The Golf Courses In Phuket are namely Blue Canyon Country Club Canyon Course, Blue Canyon Lakes Course, Laguna Phuket Golf Club, Loch Palm Golf Club, Mission Hills Golf Resort, Phuket Country Club, Phunaka Golf Club and Red Mountain Golf Club.


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Several Golf Courses In Phuket have resorts and hotels associated with them and they feature every imaginable amenity. Golfers cannot go wrong on a trip to Phuket Island, with all the great features and beautiful golf courses; Phuket Island is truly a golfer's paradise.