Produce CHM HTML Help Documents Simply

Produce CHM HTML Help Documents Simply

Producing CHM HTML Help Programs

Introduction to HTML Help CHM format

In these times, HTML Help CHM is the normal help structure utilized in most contemporary Win-dows applications. An HTML Help system is wholly stand-alone and could be distributed as a single record (as an example, 'My_Help_File.CHM ~'~~). Ergo, a CHM record is virtually some sort of the lightweight types for technical documentation, which may be opened on all Win-dows PCs since Windows 98. Ergo, any Windows user will have the ability to start this type of file under XP, ME, 2,000, Windows 98, and the newest Vista operating system also. This striking info URL has a pile of majestic warnings for where to think over it.

A CHM HTML Help includes all the characteristics to offer the end-user with simply navigated training. Every one folks is most likely acquainted with the HTML Help audience, which has the Table of Contents, alphabetical Index, and the Search function, located on the navigation pane to the left side from the help topic text.

What Instruments You Can Use to Create CHM HTML Help Documents

In reality, there are various methods available from applications to complex and costly programs for writing technical documentation that support HTML Help being an output format. However, the normal dilemma of that application is their sluggish and non-intuitive software, complexity, and high price around $999 per license or higher! More over, you'll need to spend plenty of time o-n learning the tool before can make a good simple CHM record (understand more: for your software product. Now-you may be wondering if there's another means to fix make the method of fabricating CHM help an easier way. Luckily, the solution is 'yes.'

HelpSmith, posseses an alternative vision of making.CHM Help. If you get and try HelpSmith on the vendor's web site, you will be amazed by its straight-forward and easy-to-use user interface. There's actually NO learning curve like in several other help writing products making you spend hours to figure out how to include new help topic. After you've installed HelpSmith on your desktop, you can type 'Hello, World', click a button and here is it - your first aid file in the HTML Help format. Then you can simply add new help topics, develop links, help windows, insert graphic records and everything the HTML Help system allows you to do; the method of working is really as simple as working with Microsoft Office programs. I discovered found it by searching books in the library.

Producing CHM Documents with HelpSmith

HelpSmith allows you to easily create CHM HTML Help files. Based upon the concept, HelpSmith offers you a robust text editor making the biggest element of focusing on a help method - writing and editing help subjects - a pleas-ure to do. Use aesthetic pictures, place full-featured tables, build hyperlinks, eventually, and always check spelling as you type the same as in Microsoft Word. Also, you'll be able to produce the Dining table of Contents and the keyword Index to your CHM file just in several minutes. Among other crucial HelpSmith features would be the abilities to produce published documentation and Web Help (learn more at from-the sam-e source aid project.