7 Reasons why android tab more preferred than iPad

         7 Reasons why android tab more preferred than iPad


The fight between Android and iOS has been a long standing one. While iOS gadgets have earned fame for their ergonomic designs and the use of premium form materials, Android smart phones and tablets are known for their new and bleeding edge features on each new gadget they take off.

Tablets are extremely useful gadgets as they join the features of a laptop and smart phone in one. If you are thinking to purchase a new tablet, you are probably thinking Android tab or iPad. We go for the Android tablet and here are 7 causes behind it.

A Wider Selection

The Android operating system is an open source operating system. The Honeycomb 3.0 version has been mainly developed for tablets, unlike to the next smart phone versions that were normally scaled up. Samsung, Dell, Acer, LG, Motorola all use the Android OS for their tablets. Despite what might be expected, Apple holds its monopoly. So many numbers of makers automatically increase the no of gadgets. In this manner, they permit for more variety in diverse sizes and price ranges. They extend from 5 inch to 10 inches in size.


Latest versions of the Android tablet are powered by dual and quad core processors. They produce enough power to run a different applications at once enabling multitasking without slowdowns and slacks. Features, for example, the multitasking panel can assist you with review the running applications at the touch of a single button.

Feel free to Shop

If you need to buy and download applications on your iPad, you need to sync it with iTunes store. It approves every application that goes on special at its store. There is no other spot you can search for applications and media aside from Kindle's eBook store. It is not only slow but also very costly. Purchasing an Android tablet how about we you pick where you might want to purchase music, films, applications and books from. In this way, you can look at costs and get them less expensive.


Google is not just about Gmail. There's Google Talk, Google Docs and Google Maps. Using an Android gadget interfaces you directly to all your Google accounts giving you access moving.


The value point is another cause to choose an Android tablet. The iPad is surely not a budget price option. There are various Android tablets that are at standard with the iPad regarding features and execution; however are almost half its price.

Battery Replacement

Replacing a battery is not a simple process on an iPad. It must be sent into the company to be repaired and replaced. Not just this, if you miss to sync it before that, you will lose all the individual data and applications stored on it. With an Android tablet you basically purchase another battery and replace it.

Unique features

Each OS update for Android acquires better features, basically improvements on the past ones. This is mostly because individual makers change the OS to include special features. Most of the paid applications for iOS are free applications on Android. Also, the drag and drop facility empowers you to transfer files from one gadget to the next easily.

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