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The bridge structures in the United States are growing old. Many of the nation's bridge spans average thirty-nine years of age. Ratings for bridge safetyare at an all-time low, a big threat to driver safety.

Rules for inspecting bridges are clear. Every bridge in the United States needs to undergo an inspection at least once every 2 years, yet bridge inspection teams are not proceeding quickly. This is largely the result of the extensive number of bridges, new and old, in combination with heavily strained government roadwork budgets. Certainly, as more bridges are built the money and work crews required to maintain them also increases.

As the necessity for updated new bridge structure is sorely needed, a bridge inspector needs to contend with the inevitable failures of our existing bridges first.

One of the biggest problems with bridge checkup is getting onto bridge structures in a safe manner. The bridge checkup apparatus or the snooper truck is designed to hoist inspection personnel to difficult points of large bridge structures. But this isn't the only viable snooper truck available.

Recent breakthroughs in bridge inspection technologies may help close the gap in coming years to make inspecting bridges safer, less costly and much more thorough than in the past.

Bridge structures that could never be accessed in the past except by using dangerous lane closures or expensive personnel can now be inspected in days instead of weeks. These new technologies permit inspectors to access bridges without disturbing the environment or endangering nesting wildlife. As the cost of inspecting bridges is reduced and technology becomes easier to access, our bridges can be repaired to hold up on into the future.

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