Liquid Spray Procedures Now Available

The marvels of high-tech are everywhere from smart phones and tablets to computers and GPS units. Yet even more fascinating is the technology that makes up the many things we take for granted - the handle on the stair well of the train that you hold as you board, the small buttons on your car sound system that ensure you can switch the stations and even the slippery coating on our non-stick pans. All of those everyday objects were built and either sprayed or dipped with an industrial coating of some kind.

But, if you question the average person on the street about PTFE coating and Teflon coating, you'll be met with puzzled looks. Though most folks don't realize they exist, take a look at just some of the ways industrial coatings make our lives just a little better:

Tools for surgery, needles and testing tools are frequently coated with a nylon coating to keep them from being damaged while they come in contact with the body's fluids.

Gadgets and Gizmos
The hundreds of connectors and parts that comprise your household appliances, your automobile or even the wheeled office chair you use at the office have likely all received some version of powder coating to stop breakdown from moisture, corrosion or heat as well as other adverse environments.

Specialized Equipment
The armed forces, police force and automotive technicians all make use of equipment or tools that have likely been sprayed with plastisol coating to make them more comfortable to use and also provide corrosion, impact and abrasion protection.

Trains, Planes, Automobiles
Grab handles on buses offer a secure hold, thanks in part to a variety of industrial coating products. Many parts are fluid-dipped or sprayed, offering aesthetic colors and exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

Food Prep
Your favorite pans are probably sprayed with a food grade Teflon coating to keep many foods from sticking. But, look at the racks in your dishwashing appliances or the soft grips on your cookware, paring knife or spatulas for additional instances of industrial coatings at work.

Most coating is applied at manufacturer facilities throughout the country. But, there are many plants that provide professional powder coating services near NJ.

So the next time you use a pair of pliers, your trusty screwdriver or the fine grip of that handle on the subway, make sure to appreciate the professional coatings manufacturers and all the ways they improve our lives.