Irrevocable power of attorney (2)

This is part two of my article which consists of three parts.

Your house gets sold, the bank gives approval and you visit the notary. Perhaps you doubt a bit before you sign the paper. It it going to be alright with the mortgage debt? But probably you are so happy you can continue with your life, that the doubt dissapears rapidly.

After the liberating transmission, the bill arrives a few weeks later. It is a letter and contains the following information:

Based on the terms of the remissions regulation is the resulting debt not forgivable.

Most of the times it comes with something like this:

2. Is full cooperation granted to avoid or limit the loss?
This is the case when a house is sold underhand and full cooperation is granted to limit the loss.
The WEW determines the house is sold underhands, but there is not been a full cooperation granted to avoid or limit the loss.

What are the consequences for you?
You must pay the loss back

You will receive information about the height of your loss and how you can pay this back as soon as possible.

That letter has as much effect on your good mood as a needle on a water balloon.

Everything went right concerning the selling of the house, with the customers who received these letters.
They just waited for five months, a very slow handling. They were told a power of attorney was required, that they should cooperate and this was the best solution.
Untill the customers after the sale were suddenly being blamed, by a lack of good faith and cooperation. No warnings beforehand. No clue during the sale itself. All communication was settled for them by the bank.

They went to the bank with their  bad news and the bank told them this: ‘’Yes, indeed it is very frustrating for you, but in our dossier it is handled, so you need to contact NHG. Have a nice day and good luck!”