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Famous Toys The take with you Thomas trains are sets after groups of engines and tracks which include all of the different friends of Thomas the Tank Engine. To help your kids to easily carry their wonderful trains there is a Tin Storage Carrying Case. Inside this case are four rows for 5 to 8 wooden trains per row. This is dependent upon the size of each character there is however room enough to get a set to be vacation or older to Grandmas house. The inside is decorated with depictions of Thomas and 2 of his friends inside the station house. On the outside is Thomas going along the tracks with a lot of of his cheerful friends including Bertie the bus, Herald the helicopter, Cranky the crane and Edward. The case shuts tight which has a sturdy latch that is safe for transport to anywhere your little engineer must go with his friends. For babies 18 months and older, the Toolbox Fill and Spill is going to be perfect for your young builder. The handy plush tool set is made from excellent fabrics and phthalate-free plastic just for fun and safe play building. This durable 9-piece set carries a hammer, screwdriver, saw, nails, screws, blocks, and a drill that truly vibrates. The toolbox even has a "ruler" handle. Computers have become this kind of integral section of our lives--from flying an airliner with a fighter-bomber to owning a small enterprise towards the housewife keeping the household books----or recipes----that we occassionally overlook todays new generation. It is critical that they not put aside in neuro-scientific computer learning. The Federal Government has "committed to making sure American children possess the skills they should succeed in the information-intensive modern day; making modern computer technology an integral part of every classroom; providing teachers with the professional development they have to use technologies effectively; connecting classrooms to the National Information Infrastructure; and encouraging the roll-out of excellent computer learning software." Well, its not going to be playing Candyland, without doubt, but... something is obviously lost inside realm of video games. While they will you click here hone your "twitch reflex", instructing you on to snap your sights on some monstrous space alien along with your laser cannon inside a moment, most games do not encourage much else within the way of personal or mental growth beyond developing that reflex. In other words, fast thumbs arent all there is certainly to be gained from winning contests. I strongly feel that little boys often are only as captivated by dollhouses as little girls, however, some may prefer dollhouses designed specially for boys. Kidkraft Rocket Ship certainly fits that category. In addition to meeting every one of the criteria for a toy with great play value, its got great educational value too. Playing with the rocket ship, children get exposed to new concepts - rocketry, outer space, and weightless environment. If you combine such toy with well selected books and DVDs about space exploration and astronauts, there exists hardly any limit to educational benefits. Kids will gain significant amount of information while playing!