BlueHarbor cuir d'agneau cuir Case pour l'iPhone 4

"\"\\\"\\\\\\\"Just don't go looking for fancy colors. Black can be overrated.\\\\\\\\nRecommendation:\\\\\\\\nGet the particular BlueHarbor Lambskin Leather Case for that iPhone 4. Nevertheless, the particular inner lining protects the phone really well.\\\\\\\\nAppearance: few option of colors. That could very possibly slip off due to its thinness.\\\\\\\\nFit: The idea can be compatible for that iPhone 4, fits tightly, nevertheless maybe also tightly. Simply don't go searching for fancy colors. The idea is also sturdy although nevertheless getting very thin.\\\\\\\\nProfessional look: Apt for that operating professional\\\\\\\\nMagnetic Strap: Appreciated pertaining to lack of velco. Furt