1-0 step to create your books

Discover ways to publish your novel, composition, memoir, how-to book, kids books.

1) First thing you need is book release software


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2) Picture resolution

the image or representation of the book need high resolution.e.g : 3 x 3 image in your page design need around 4.4 mb

e.g: dscn8461 270,230KB photoshop picture

dscf3326 113KB jpeg

Ensure that you are using photoshop format or tif format, you can easily see the DSCN8461 is 27mb, good for A5 size image. The DSCF3326 is a 113K jpeg which may do nothing for the book. For other interpretations, please view at: New Set Of World War 2 History Books Released.

Pls keep in mind that you select tif structure and using 350 x 350 dpi ( 1:1 ) if you're scanning image by scanner,

PSD = photoshop document

Tif = tiff report

Jpg = jpeg report


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