Drilling And Micro Blasting Techniques Improving Every Day

The wonders of technology surround us everyday from smart phones and tablets to PCs and TVs. Yet even more fascinating is the technology that goes into the many items we never think twice about - the grip on the stair well of the subway that you hold as you board, the little buttons on your vehicle's radio that allow you to change the stations and even the slick coating on our Teflon cookware. All of these mundane objects have been manufactured and either sprayed or dipped with an industrial coating of some kind.

But, if you ask the ordinary person about town about polytetrefluoroethelyne and xylan coating, you will be met with puzzled looks. While many people do not realize they exist, here are a few of the applications for industrial coatings in ordinary situations:

Surgical instruments, syringes and diagnostic tools are often coated with a protective agent to keep them from corroding when they come in contact with the body's fluids.

Thousands of Little Parts
The hundreds of brackets and wing nuts that comprise your household appliances, your automobile or perhaps the rolling chairs you use at your job have probably all been coated with a version of industrial powder coating to prevent damage from moisture, corrosion or heat and a variety of harsh environments.

Specialized Equipment
The armed forces, police force and car mechanics all use tools and equipment that were probably sprayed with plastisol coating to make them more comfortable to use and also offer abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance.

Grip bars on subways offer a secure hold, due to industry sprays or coatings. Most items are fluid-dipped or sprayed on, offering attractive colors and exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

Food Prep
Your everyday cookware is probably dipped with a food-safe Teflon coating to prevent many foods from getting stuck on. Yet, don't forget the baskets in your dishwashing appliances or the soft handles on your pans, paring knife or serving spoons for more examples of industrial coatings in action.

Industrial coatings are added at manufacturing plants all over the United States. But, yet you'll find many facilities that specialize in powder coating services near PA.

So the next time you look at those pliers, your trusty screwdriver or the fine grip of that handle on the bus, make sure to appreciate the industrial coating industry and the many ways they improve our day to day life.

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