TGIC Coatings Are Now Easier To Grasp

The marvels of technology surround us everyday from smart phones and tablets to PCs and GPS units. But even more fascinating is the high-tech that goes into all the items we take for granted - the handle on the stair well of the train that you hold as you climb aboard, the little knobs on your car radio that allow you to change the channels and even the slick surface on our non-stick cookware. All of these mundane objects were built and specially coated with industrial coatings of all kinds.

But, if you ask the average man about town about PTFE coating and Teflon coating, you will receive blank stares. While most folks don't realize they exist, here are just some of the ways industrial coatings make our lives just a little better:

Tools for surgery, needles and testing tools are often coated with a protective agent to keep instruments from corroding while they touch blood and harmful chemicals.

Gadgets and Gizmos
The thousands of screws and wing nuts that comprise your household appliances, your car or perhaps the rolling chairs you sit on at your job have probably all received some version of industrial powder coating to stop damage from moisture, corrosion or heat and other adverse environments.

Specialized Equipment
The military, emergency services teams and car mechanics all make use of equipment or tools that were probably dipped in plastisol coating to make them easier to hold and also provide abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance.

Trains, Planes, Automobiles
Grab handles on buses provide a slip-resistant grip, due to industry sprays or coatings. Many items are fluid-dipped or sprayed, to provide attractive coloring and exceptional wear-resistance.

In the Kitchen
Your favorite pans are probably sprayed with a food-safe Teflon coating to keep food from sticking. But, look at the baskets in your dishwashing appliances or the rubbery handles on your pans, paring knife or spatulas for additional examples of industrial coatings at work.

Most coating is added at manufacturer facilities all over the United States. But, there are more than a few facilities that specialize in powder coating services in New Jersey.

So the next time you use those pliers, your trusty screwdriver or the fine hold of that handle on the subway, make certain to thank technology for the professional coatings manufacturers and all the ways they improve our day to day life.

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