costa rica beach house rental - Pescetarian in Paradise - Residing on Seafood in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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I moved right here in November of 2012 to control a getaway rental in Playa Santa Teresa, and now I see why people are so nutritious. Most folks are lively and eat unprocessed meals. I knew my eating plan would transform.

I entirely expected to reside on fresh fish, eggs, fruits and veggies, and beans and rice. I haven't gone pescetarian for ethical or idealogical causes I just eat what is readily available, and what I like occurs to be incredibly healthy. I have always been a large seafood lover, although my intake of it depends on the geography in which I live. The good news is, I now live in a seaside town wherever fresh fish is less costly than meat.

When I initial arrived I found to my dismay that the beef in Costa Rica is quite difficult, and extremely high-priced. The substantial end ground beef is fine, but I can only consume so a lot of it. The chicken breast expenditures twice as significantly as it does in the United States, and it is specifically the similar. The pork is just pork, I in no way ate much of it anyway.

So, this leaves the greatest fresh fish that one can purchase anyplace. Two various fish mongers drive up and down the principal road every single afternoon offering the fish of the day. I think this is the greatest delivery support I have ever come across anyplace in the planet!

I like Marcos' support the very best. I can get in touch with him after lunch, he tells me what he has that day, and what time he will be passing by my property, and then he essentially arrives on time. He often has fresh dorado (mahi-mahi) and yellow fin tuna, sushi grade. Occasionally, he has fantastic fresh shrimp, squid, and octopus. One particular of my favorites is corvina, a fine, light white fish with a tasty taste. Corvina is the most expensive at about $6/pound. My all time favored, complete red snapper is more difficult to come by, but when he has it the price tag is constantly about $four/pound. Evaluate that to supermarket costs in the U.S.!

I in no way considered myself pescetarian till yesterday. I guess I am a pescetarian by default. So, I researched the well being positive aspects of this diet regime. So far, I have misplaced about twenty lbs in four months on this diet program. There are myriad well being added benefits. I located out that all the iron a single needs, as properly as massive quantities of polyunsaturated omega-three fatty acids come from consuming fish. It is an environmentally pleasant eating plan too because livestock manufacturing demands so many all-natural assets. Eating fish is far more efficient for the human digestive program, than is eating meat.

All I know is that I have a reduced entire body unwanted fat percentage, I make delicious meals I get to share with other folks, I have more vitality, and I am not wasting money on overpriced, low-quality meats. My town, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is full of energetic, energetic, nutritious people.