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The wonders of technology surround us everyday from smart phones and touch screens to PCs and GPS units. Yet even more intriguing is the technology that makes up the many items we never consider - the grip on the stair well of the subway that you hold as you board, the small knobs on your vehicle's radio that ensure you can switch the stations and even the slick surface on your non-stick cookware. All of these mundane things have been manufactured and specially coated with an industrial coating of some kind.

But, if you ask the average person on the street about PTFE coating and Fluoropolymer coating, you'll be met with puzzled looks. While many folks don't realize they exist, take a look at a few of the applications for industrial coatings in everyday situations:

Tools for surgery, syringes and testing equipment are often dipped with a protective coating to prevent them from corroding while they touch the body's fluids.

Thousands of Little Parts
The thousands of brackets and parts that comprise your household appliances, your automobile or perhaps the rolling office chair you sit on at the office have probably all received some version of coating to prevent breakdown from moisture, corrosion or heat and other adverse conditions.

Specialized Equipment
The military, emergency services teams and automotive technicians all use tools and equipment that have likely been dipped in plastisol coating to make them easier to use and also provide corrosion, impact and abrasion protection.

Grab handles on buses provide a secure grip, thanks in part to industry sprays or coatings. Many parts are dipped in fluid or sprayed on, to provide attractive coloring and extreme wear-resistance.

In the Kitchen
Your everyday pans are probably sprayed with a food grade Teflon coating to prevent many foods from getting stuck on. But, don't forget the racks in your dishwashing appliances or the soft grips on your cookware, knives or spatulas for more examples of industry coating at work.

Most coating is added at manufacturer facilities all over the United States. However, yet you'll find many facilities that provide professional powder coating in Maryland.

So when you use a pair of pliers, your trusty screwdriver or the soft grip of that handle on the subway, make sure to appreciate the industrial coating manufacturers and all the ways they improve our lives.

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