Dr Howard Marans: Low Cost, Affordable Orthopedic Surgeons in Orange County, CA

Dr Howard Marans: Low Cost, Affordable Orthopedic Surgeons in Orange County, CA

If you are looking for affordable orthopedic surgeons in Orange County, California, Dr. Howard Marans is the doctor to see. At the Orange County Orthopedic, you can get the best treatment for knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, and more without breaking your bank. Dr. Marans have been serving the Orange County area for over twenty years, striving to treat all patients in a professional and timely manner, providing prompt care and the use recognized orthopedic treatments and state of the art procedures.


Dr. Marans provides several types of treatments for many injury’s. His primary concern is always to get patients back to their daily activities as safely and quickly as possible. He is known for treating many major athletes as well as minor athletes, and for providing a warm and caring environment for treatment. He and his staff only do surgical procedures if it is necessary in order to restore function and control the symptoms.




Arthritis is one of the ailments treated by Dr. Marans. Arthritis refers simply to inflammation of a joint or a place where two or more bones meet. The majority of arthritis cases can be managed non-surgically. Dr. Marans treats rare forms of arthritis such as:


- Infectious arthritis

- Psoriatic arthritis

- Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

- Gout

- Reactive arthritis.


He also treats common forms, such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Post-Traumatic Arthritis.


Non-surgical treatments are also available for many injuries or ailments that may be affecting your quality of life. Some of these include:


- Physical Therapy

- Lifestyle Changes

- Weight Loss Methods

- Medication

- Steroid Injections


Dr. Marans also provides Sports Medicine Treatment. Whether or not the patient has surgery, physical therapy is an important part of sports medicine. Athlete’s usually require different treatment than non-athlete patients due to the fact that, more often than not, they need full use and function of the injured body part sooner. Surgery is sometimes necessary when injuries are less likely to heal on their own, especially if restoring full functionality is a priority. One form of treatment provided for athletes that differs from treatment for regular patients is prevention of future injury. It is a key feature in safely getting any player back to their sport.


Open Reduction/Internal Fixation is a procedure that involves  attaching a device to a bone in order to stabilize it and help it heal. Implants that can be used for Internal Fixation include:


- Plates

- Screws

- Rods

- Pins




Being a leading whole care provider in orthopedic care, Dr. Howard Marans takes into consideration that each patient is unique and he works with them to understand their special needs and concerns. His specialties include:


- Arms

- Foot and ankle

- Shoulder

- Other common injuries, such as Achilles tendon tears, bunions, fractures, sprains, and more


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Please click the link below to schedule your consultation or call Dr. Marans at (714)-979-8981. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and to providing you with the best treatment available!