Fan Creates Sequel To Undertale... In A Wrestling Game

Fan Produces Sequel To Always Be Able To Undertale... In The Wrestling Game

Some video games possess fans. Undertale, the actual RPG in which an individual dont have to be able to damage anyone, includes a bonafide fandom. That They create a few weird, great stuff.

Case within point: Alfredo Dizon, prolific re-creator regarding additional video gaming within WWE video games, made an entire Undertale saga within WWE 2K14. This kind of isnt just, like, Oh hey, I made Sans along with Papyrus as well as Undyne inside the character creator; look at how clever I am. Its a full 40 minute production using a soundtrack, acceptably in-character dialogue, plus a plot that will picks up proper exactly where Undertales left off.


Its really cute as well as surprisingly well-written. Its chock packed with in-jokes regarding fans of each Undertale and also pro wrestling, which usually is... the remarkably certain crowd. The term involving warning, though: it can include a range of pretty significant Undertale spoilers, consequently possibly steer obvious if you havent finished the game (to your personal personal satisfaction) yet.

But man, in which part when Undertaker shows up and chokeslams Undertales main character directly into monster world after which the actual heel flip alternative appears... I fear Ive said as well much. Anyway, watch.

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