Fig portraits the isocontour plot of the field of

Fig. 12 portraits the isocontour plot of the field of the fast mode amplitude (ffast=bfast·gffast=bfast·g), where gg SB742457 the rhs of Eq. (26) and bfastbfast is the left eigenvector corresponding to the fast right eigenvector of the Jacobian matrix of gg. A leading order approximation of the SIM of the dynamical system (26) is provided by the iso contour line of ffast=0ffast=0, which is the boundary separating the regions (in dark/light gray shade) of positive/negative ffastffast, respectively. It is apparent exoskeleton in the supercritical regime, the trajectory (black solid line) reaches the SIM only very late during its time evolution, meaning that for most of the time the dynamics is off the SIM.
Fig. 12. Supercritical regime. Fast mode amplitude of Williams model; dark/light gray shade indicates positive/negative value of ffastffast; the trajectory is marked by the black solid line; isocontour lines refer to constant fast mode amplitudes.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide