Solar Path Lighting

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Table 1 is in different regions of China solar illuminationconditions.To more intuitively understand,average every day solar radiationdistribution,table 2 give the total amount of radiation and daily average peak sunshinenumber(solar battery can accept everyday to the corresponding relationship ofequivalent time for 1000W/m2 irradiance.Table 2 years the total amount of radiation anddaily average peak sunshine number corresponding to the table through the above data canbe seen,solar lighting design and lamp use area.Relationship between solar cell modulerated output power and lamp input power in the East China area is about 1 2~4:.Thespecific proportion to according to the lamp work every day The output power of thesolar cell is not stable,so it is necessary to configure the battery to work.The120W/m2.battery,Ni-Cd battery,Ni-H battery,battery,battery,the battery,thebattery,the battery,the battery can work.Day solar cell components of energy as faras possible storage down,and also to be able to satisfy continuous overcast and rainynight lighting electrical energy storage.Battery capacity is too small can not meet theneeds of night lighting,the battery capacity is too large,on the one hand,the batteryis always in the state power loss,affect the life of battery.At the same time,resulting in a waste of.2.3 solar cell encapsulation in the form of the solar batterypackage form mainly has two,laminated and epoxy,lamination process can ensure solarcells work life of more than 25 years,epoxy although was beautiful,but solar cellswork life of only 1 to 2 years.Therefore,1W below Small power solar lawn lamp,in nottoo high life requirement of the case,you can use epoxy packaging forms,to use fixednumber of year provisions of solar lights,it is recommended to use laminated packageform.In addition,there is a silicon gel for epoxy encapsulated solar cells.It is saidthat working life can be achieved for 10 years.2.4 solar battery installation of tiltangle and the decorative cover for beauty,some of the solar energy lamp factory will besolar cells are horizontally placed,in this case,the output power of the solar cellwill be reduced by 15%to 20%,if above the solar cell increased a decorative cover.Solar cell output power will be reduced by about 5%,solar battery is expensive,we havecollected many foreign solar energy lamps,in beautiful and energy-saving,most of themchoose to save energy.In the lower reaches of the Yangtze River is the most ideal tiltangle is 40 degrees south.

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