Tips for removing stubborn dirt in a bag

I can guess that many people would have the trouble when they go to the restaurant for a lunch or dinner for they maybe make their bag adding the dirt. What should we do in this time? Now wholesale supplier of bag in China could tell us some tips for removing stubborn dirt in a bag.


Usually this type of bag, because of stained sauce spread easily cleared, so we should best to stay away including chewing gum, candy or other things having a subsidiary in nature. When you clear this type of leather, be sure to gently wipe off, leaving too much force to prevent bag white, leaving traces. Patent leather, like China high-grade canvas printing bag, it is easy to crack, you must be particularly careful use, usually with a handkerchief as long as soft cloth to wipe it. If cracks purses, you can stick with a cloth a little special oil, then gently wipe.


When you have chance to go to the market of China traditional embroidery bags wholesale for the purchasing of bag, you can follow the above tips if you get your bag with stubborn dirt.