LED impaired enterprise functionality, where deep-seated variables?

LED lighting company National Day Golden Week promotion, the general rough observation, may well not be perfect so fantastic. Some corporations also good, some poor organization. In case of bad company simply because the technology isn't powerful sufficient it? There is no explanation apart from technology?


If technically encountered a bottleneck, you've not thought about things that new which means within the functional design and the design, for instance, the item characteristics into 1 or two innovative characteristics (which are not necessarily LED technology);? Or, novel style , good-looking, even the appearance of distinct ages.


Have you ever believed with the LED lights around the solutions of other industries to install? Is usually a great deal of good friends in other industries to market the application of LED lights, to design new solutions, integrated in to the LED lights, present lighting, smart or other functions.(car park signs)


In reality, moreover to technology, there are several factors that influence the overall performance on the enterprise. Yesterday raised about management concepts, emphasizing staff knowledge and initiative. The following article the authors say could be the market place ideas and advertising and marketing ideas, for reference purposes only.


LED sector downturn even though national macroeconomic reasons, nonetheless, industries and enterprises, the micro-level reasons and should not be ignored, some deep-seated variables that must cause reflection with the sector insight.


LED "a good opportunity" into a "skirmish"


LED light source technologies maturity and recognition for the lighting industry to bring golden opportunities. LED in comparison with standard light sources have a number of instances or even many occasions the energy-saving effects and life span, too as the unique charm on the LED function application benefits, this could in the similar time the traditional lighting Cuikulaxiu trend forming, stimulating option and new markets The substantial demand, highlighting the market place vitality. However, it regrets that this social scene generator failed last long, low-grade, counterfeit goods and also other well-known below the influence of lack of requirements and chaotic market place atmosphere, such as numerous factors. An innovative patented LED light source to enter the industry much less than six months, no fewer than ten infringing counterfeiters; LED lights a patent module, within a year's time the nation a lot of the lights almost generic manufacturers to use. (vms)


No exaggeration to say that the previous few years, nearly regardless of ordinary LED lamp manufacturers or distributors, whether or not manufacturers or roadside shops can generate solutions infringing counterfeit turn out to be "sophisticated products" to marketplace shortcut. Thus, a century is often a rapidly evolving industry opportunities "Great Leap Forward" as well as led to the industry turmoil "encounters." When the outcome on the standard competitive marketplace too as "dream vaguely mother tears, the first king of the city flag" competitors within this marketplace, brand switching, but in current years LED market competitive circumstance in this along with other dreams even vaguely like Unreal The king with the flag also by no means have to face the tree. It's evident from the tragic circumstance of LED in China.