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safeway weekly ad ketchikan alaska For the cost of a place to stay, if you want to live off-campus (dormitory), you need to find apartments or homes. In a small town, you can get a rented house for $ 500 / month. If you live in a big city such as California, Washington, New York, or Chicago, you have to spend up to $ 2.500 / month just for a place to stay. To overcome this, you can consult with the college first if you want to live off-campus.

For business washing clothes, you do not need to worry. Because in every hostel provided a clothes washer. Washing machine usage fee is about $ 3 for washing and drying clothes. This does not include the cost of detergents, which can be obtained with $ 2-4 at the supermarket.

For the cost of buying books, try to find the cheapest book possible. For college textbooks usually the price set by a professor there for about $ 5-10. Sebearnya this can be tricked by borrowing from seniors who had not taken the course. If you do not borrow ya in the mood to buy. Second-hand prices are usually cheaper.