Blogging On Free Hosts Not Really A Good Idea

Blogging On Free Hosts Not Really A Good Idea

Installing wordpress is free and gives you full get a handle on over your site. You will find other platforms like type to pick from too. Have a look around and find the platform you like or that best fits your blogging design. I've discovered an...

This article is all about blogging and I am writing this to alert people around who are building sites on free blog hosts like and why you should never blog on a free number like or

Adding wordpress is free and gives you total control over your website. There are other platforms like type to pick from too. Take a peek around and discover the platform you prefer or that best meets your blogging style. I have learned a pricey lesson and now is only going to develop websites by myself domains.

The reason why?

Lets begin with

They've a brand new uncontrollable junk bot. Search the blogger support boards and you'll find the horror stories. Legitimate blogs are being erased, people are finding locked out of their blog until examined, and thought to become a spammer because sometimes the bot flagged the blog or someone clicked the small flag switch at the top of blogger blogs.

That and the fact that they've continuous difficulties with the publishing getting caught at 0%, slow load times, etc. It creates blogging through a buggy experience at most useful and your content or reason behind blogging is up to someone else's interpretation of what is or isn't genuine.

I understand getting rid of splogs and spammers, in case the treatment is worse than the illness. Be taught more on by browsing our lofty encyclopedia. In the event people claim to learn more on, we recommend heaps of resources you might pursue. They certainly were not always like that. I have been on writer a long time and the service was previously good. I discovered by searching books in the library.

So far as, they are equally as bad. If the blog links into a website and seems as if it may be promoting people-to go to that website they'll suspend your account without warning and lock you out of all the content.

I'm not certain what they think blogs are for, but they seem to think they have a purpose in life and that they alone determine what's a \genuine blog\ or not.

A \genuine blog\ is one that's controlled by the individual who writes to it, not one that must stick to someone else's idea of what their website should look like and what it should say.

If you blog on freehosts only be aware your articles and your blog is in the hands of others who will decide for the planet whether or not your blog should be seen by others.

I would suggest all people obtain own domains and deploy their own sites. You almost certainly discovered that using a for your companys site is bad for business so why put your companys website on a freehost?

The same goes for individuals. Websites allow you to express yourself the-way you want to express yourself. That is the beauty of blogging. Are you willing to sacrifice your personality to conform to what or thinks is really a way to express yourself?

Often times the individual determining your fate is someone who has never had any power over other people and who think that now they've Godlike powers to decide the fate of content written by others. These are individuals who likely produce no information of value themselves and think they know very well what is most beneficial for the remaining portion of the world.

Get your own personal domain name and use a platform that meets your needs. Its the best advice you'll ever get about blogging. Discover new resources on our affiliated URL - Click here: If it is in your own domain name the blog is only owned by you. Everything else is just providing content for some one else..