Email May 6 2002 from C to D (undated letter from D to C next page.)

Email May 6 2002 from C to D  (undated letter from D to C next page.)

D-----, D-----  D----- !  Wow... I still cant get over re-connecting with you...Listen, I just wanted to say that I am glad that we got a chance to talk and to hear your voice was unexplainably excellent...  I would think in the same way that you  felt hearing mine if my instincts serve me correctly... I want you to know that I envy you and how you sound so full of life and positive energy... I really am happy to know that life and the love of it is so strong within you... It makes me so happy to know that  you have been able to grab ahold of it and make it work in your favor so to speak...  I really enjoyed hearing from you and hope that ist is just the beginning of more to come...  I know that what we discuss with one another  stays between us and I want you to know that I am the same person that you always  knew me to be as I know you are as well... My reasons for moving back to the PI have nothing to do with anybody else but those who I choose to confide in... Those  who I hold dear to me and who I consider to be mates of the soul as  you know I consider you to be...  We all have our past lives that remind us of who we are and why we are where we are although you know as well as I that we cannot live in the past but need to look to the future which im sure you agree...  My reason for my moving are to make a better life for myself my future and not to run away from my past.  which means alot to me for you to know....ok so I think that we should keep what we discussed regarding my situation as our little secret for the time being.... I look forward to seeing you  and talking with you in person which I am assuming will be very soon indeed… keep doing what your doing coz it seems to be working quite well for you....  I am glad to know that I still have a friend like you in this world and if there is anything  that I might be able to do for you, anything at all,  I know you wont hesitate to call upon me as I would jump at the opportunity to be there for a friend ...that I consider you to have always been.... Stay in touch you sexy thing you!

 PS...  I think that you were always the one.... always have and likely always will... 

see you in dreamland k ... Ciao  Love,C