Powerstrips - The New Remedy for The Pain

Powerstrips combine a proprietary blend of ancient herbs, minerals and elements (Koreans Red Ginseng, Marine Phytoplankton, Minerals, Ionic silver and Germanium) along with a modern breakthrough technology into a patented and proprietary effortless item that is applied topically.

Powerstrips are the first product in the Multilevel marketing business, which has been listed with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device. This had by no means been completed in this industry just before and is an acknowledgement to its high effectiveness.
The strips perform since the germanium in them assists to reflect heat back into the body, creating concentrated heat power which assists relieve minor aches and pains.

The 5 Ingredients of powerstrips

1. Water-soluble adhesive layer
PowerStrips,,‚ have a patented water soluble adhesive that is really cutting-edge so it stays on anywhere you location it. This adhesive is created for sensitive skin so there are no irritations and you can count on it, that the PowerStrip stays on throughout activities.

2. Red Korean ginseng
Korean ginseng has historically been a single of the most pricey herbs, as it has been highly in demand in Asia and the far east for thousands of years. This ginseng consists of the highest quantity of saponins (32)

3. Marine phytoplankton - Alpha 3 CMP
Marine phytoplankton, a proprietary blend identified to be one of the greatest, pure, single sources of nutrition discovered in a single place. Now regarded as a "Super food" by professionals. These microscopic organisms created life feasible on our planet.

4. Infrared Technology (FIR) Germanium
Germanium assists reflect heat back into the body, making concentrated heat energy which helps relieve minor aches and pains.

5. Silver - Ionen
PowerStrips provide a small quantity of silver ions. (Silver has been used for hundreds of years as an anti-microbial)