Treat Peripheral Neuropathy with Chiropractic Oxygen Therapy

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Oxygen Therapy is designed to feed both the brain - on one of it's main fuels - and to feed the nervous system. The name of this therapy is EWOT. Without sufficient oxygen our nerves don't fire correctly.

The way it works is for the patient, or home user, to place the oxygen delivery tube around the neck and put the cannula (the little clear tube end that goes above the mouth) into the nostril openings. The oxygen tank is connected to the tubing, turned on, and oxygen flows into your nose.

An alternative device is called an oxygen generator. It is really portable, a new type of delivery system suitable for home use. Plug it into a wall outlet, put on the cannula, with the tubing over your head, and breathe in the concentrated oxygen. The device removes nitrogen out of the room air, leaving a concentrated oxygen, in the area of 95% pure oxygen, for you to breathe in.

The day of the oxygen tanks is over with the use of the new oxygen generators. They take up much less space than an accumulation of oxygen tanks, previously necessary. A contracted outfit used to deliver a number of full oxygen tanks, to the home user, and as each tank was emptied the user would put the empty tank ready for pick up.

At your provider's office, you will connect to their oxygen delivery system, and peddle away on an exercise bike, an elliptical trainer, or even a whole-body vibration device. Each form of exercise will increase your breathing rate, making you a prime recipient for the enriched oxygen. The difference in using the cannula or face mask is a matter of receiving about 20% more oxygen, or 40% more oxygen intake. Buy such a device, with no claim of actual treatment or any other promises of health improvement at

Upper Body Ergonometer Oxygen Therapy - often seen at the Physical Therapist's gym - works for legs too

Some Chiropractic Practitioners claim that during exercise with oxygen therapy, the patient achieves superior oxygenation to specialized body elements. Blood oxygen levels can be tested prior to Concentrated Oxygen Therapy (used during exercise), to determine the level of oxygen in the blood plasma.

The blood plasma levels can again be tested after exercise, to determine the increase in the percentage of oxygen in the plasma.

Treatment exercise can be started, for those who are deemed by their physician to be fit for this type of physical activity, on an upper body ergometer - such as the handy one shown below. You may have seen this piece of exercise equipment at your provider's complex, or at your physical therapist's gym.

Brain Based Therapy to treat Peripheral Neuropathy - an alternative therapy that makes no claims of success

EWOT is used by both Chiropractors and by Allopathic doctors.