PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu created the particular next remarks with the beginning in the each week Cabinet meeting:

Israel can not accept your French draft resolution in the Us security Council. It doesnt mention Palestinian incitement; it doesnt mention Palestinian terrorism; also it calls for that internationalization of the Temple Mount.

Well, we've seen over the middle East within Palmyra, within Iraq, all through Iraq and elsewhere how the militant Muslims blast each as well as every Israeli other's mosques towards the sky. We've just seen it in a Jewish holy site, Joseph's Tomb. Simply Israel, Israel alone, may end up being the guarantor of the holy websites on the Temple Mount.

The purpose the status quo has been violated is not simply because we changed it. We didnt change anything. The Actual orders of prayer, the particular browsing legal rights get not changed for the final 15 years. the just factor that's changed are usually Islamist hoodlums compensated through the Islamist Movement throughout Israel and also by Hamas, that are getting into the mosque as well as try to set explosive [unclear]and after that emerge and attack Jewish visitors towards the Temple Mount, as well as Christian visitors. That's the sole adjust inside the status quo.

Israel will protect the actual holy sites, will guard the actual status quo. Israel just isn't the problem around the Temple Mount. Israel may always be the solution.