QTemp, The World’s Smartest Wearable Weather Station

The c's at QTemp has announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in November 2015 to raise awareness and money for his or her innovation.

QTemp is being referred to as world’s smartest wearable weather station, eventhough it provides a quantity of user-friendly features that make it excellent for helping people safely spend some time outdoors on the subject of UV radiation and other weather factors. The unit is battery-free and supplies tap as well as plug-and-play functionality. When users attach or tap QTemp thus to their phones, they have usage of instant, accurate ultraviolet ray (UVA and UVB) and temperature readings (-20 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius). All readings are real-time and in line with the user’s location.

When the set up is attached to a smartphone, the QTemp app displays weather data inside an easy-to-read visual format. The app also estimates Safe Sun Time, how long a customer can spend in contact with current sunlight in accordance with the UV index and other factors, such as the user’s type of skin, environment/location, and sunscreen applied. This selection will state users how much time they've left until they start to build a sunburn, permitting them to know when they’ll have to seek protection from the sun.

The QTemp method is suitable for on-the-go use and could be positioned on a keyring, belt, or possibly a bra. These devices is additionally water-resistant, which makes it highly durable for daily use. Users may even share their weather information with friends having a tap of a mouse button, either via SMS or social media. They can even customize their selfies as well as other images with overlays of current conditions.

QTemp features another social function called QTemp Map, a guide depending on shared data that displays accurate temperature in and out of public spaces, buildings, museums, restaurants, and much more.

QTemp will be debuting on Kickstarter from the coming weeks. Fo the time being, people can join for the QTemp how do people receive notification with the crowdfunding campaign’s launch. Additional information can be obtained at http://qtemp.co

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