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Used Bunk Beds - (read more) How to Choose One If you get the opportunity, attempt to walk through local store that sells items for youngsters. You will notice that the majority of the items available for sale are themed. When choosing a childrens bed, most parents believe this is the best choice for his or her children. This article will be showing you many of the logic behind why themed beds are viewed since the best, which may also allow you to decide if you should get this type of bed you arent. Girls beds in many cases are indistinguishable from boys beds. Theyre usually heavy, created to resist wrestling, jumping, and sleepovers, and only digging in some printed sheets and some pillows can distinguish a girls fairytale room from the boys castle room. Kids theme beds take the concept of childrens beds a step further, and build safe, sturdy frames, headboards, and in many cases lofts that are great for the theme of the childs room. Castles are popular for accessorizing Disney Princess rooms, while baseball, basketball, and hockey designs are popular additions to sports theme rooms. Some parents actually utilize beds themselves for design inspiration, starting with finding unique kids beds that they like, and getting paint, textiles, and also other furniture based on the beds look. The benefits for parents lies not just in a much more adequate utilisation of the space intended for storage of their old kids bedroom, nonetheless they are able to use a trundle bed later being a guest bed, when their offspring has left for university or college and the childs room has become a spare room for visitors. A wood daybed with trundle also as being a trundle will be attractive with your spare room, which through the week may be used like a study or hobby room, but which doubles up like a guest room with the weekend. But as great because these beds are, your son or daughters safety should come first. Take into account that there are lots of kinds of childrens bunk beds on the market, from some less reputable manufacturers, or manufacturers who are be subject to lax regulations, that have features that may seriously compromise your son or daughters safety. Sleepover beds - If your children like to have their friends staying over every so often, your best option will be the sleepover bed. This type of furniture comes with a storage bed that slides out of beneath the main bed. It means you could have two beds if you need them, which means your childs friends do not have to sleep on the ground, and may be stored away if not being utilized.