Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Steps by Mahendra Singh

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Steps

Website promotion by organic SEO is a long and hard work process. Webmaster follows a long process to promote a website in top search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). There are many steps of search engine optimization some are following.

Website Analysis: this is a critical step in SEO field some points are main which are following. 1. Check website is a dynamic (PHP, APS .NET) or static (HTML). 2. Website hosting server (Windows, Linux) check by who is tool. 3. Site HTML errors check by w3c tool. 4. Web content duplicate check by Copy Scape tool. 5. xenu tool helps in broken (404 page)links checking. 6. Site navigation check. It should easy to understand. 7. All pages Meta tags should unique. 8. Keywords density, frequency, proximity and prominent check.

Keywords searching and Analysis: many tools help to searching keywords some are Google keyword tool, Word Tracker and keyword discovery. Keyword should good search able less competitive and also business creatable.

Competitor Analysis: when keywords selected and final by client then this step will start. Webmaster entered selected keywords in Google and selects top ten websites. These websites will our competitors sites. Some steps for competitor analysis are 1. Check competitor website page rank (PR). 2. Check keywords frequency, prominent, proximity and density.3. Content duplication check. 4. Inbound links check in Google. 5. HTML code checking. 6. Regular monitoring etc.

Meta Tags writing: website all pages Meta tags should write unique and search engine friendly.

Navigation Improvement and Broken Links Removing: website navigation should user friendly to easy understand. Site internal linking should strong and each page jointed with each other. Broken links should not present in website. SEO Services Delhi

HTML Validation: website should HTML and XHTML errors free. HTML error checker tool is w3c.

Directories Submission: website should submit in proper category in general and service relevant directories.

Link Building: all links should receive from relevant sites and back link quality according.

RSS and Site map: RSS, XML and HTML site map should submit in relevant directories and also in Google webmaster tool.

Articles Submission: unique article should submit in good article directories and check preview before submission that all links proper fit or not.

Blogs Creations and Submission: 5 to 10 blogs should create and submit in blogs directories.

SEO is a hard work and regular monitoring work. If webmaster follows all steps carefully and SEO work done search engine friendly then website can promote for long time with low efforts. website development Delhi

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