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In nineteen hundred.rain changed to heavy snow and totaled 6.8 inches in downtown Denver correct. A thunderstorm occurred on the 9th. North winds were sustained to 32 mph with gusts to 38 mph on the 10th. Precipitation totaled a person particular.39 inches.

In 1875.a windstorm produced sustained winds to 45 mph throughout the morning hours time. Numerous forest fires following the base of this mountains were visible originating from a city.

In 1991.strong thunderstorms over east business denver produced really winds of 56 to 60 mph. The strong winds downed utility lines.trees.and fences several locations in Aurora. Thunderstorm outflow winds gusted to 60 mph at Stapleton International International airport.

In incursion of cold arctic air produced snowfall of four.6 inches over downtown Denver. Temperatures dipped to 5 degrees below zero to the evening from the 26th and recovered to a high of just 1 degree below zero on the 27th.the all-time record low maximum for the month of November and the record for your date. Northwest winds were sustained to 25 mph with gusts to 26 mph using a 26th.

In 1874.strong winds upset two railroad passenger coaches near Georgetown. The baggage was retrieved and turned to a heavy.large wagon. The passengers then seated themselves more than the handbags. Another strong gust of wind upset the wagon. The driver's shoulder was dislocated.and a passenger's leg was badly damaged or torn. In Denver.northwest winds increased and blew in gusts and heavy winds were observed for that ridge tops. On the Kansas Pacific M.R. east of Denver.the wind was so strong which blew the train back several lengths.which caused the train to involve 7 hours late arriving in town.

In 2004.strong Chinook winds redeveloped overnight in and near the foothills. Peak wind gusts included 72 mph atop Blue Mountain near Wondervu and in the National Center for Atmospheric Research Mesa Lab above Boulder.

In 1990.dime size hail and thunderstorm wind gusts to 50 mph were reported by storm spotters just east of Aurora near the intersection of Mississippi Avenue and Gun Club Road. The hail and strong winds damaged a considerable number of windows in the market.

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